Deplorable Misogynist Prick to Tackle “Women’s Issues”


Stephen “Sexy Beast” Miller

Only in Trump’s America, could a guy like Stephen Miller be slated to work on  women’s issues like equal pay, maternity leave, and child care. Back in 2005 Miller wrote a charming op-ed where he stated the following:

“The pay gap has virtually nothing to do with gender discrimination. Sorry, feminists. Hate to break this good news to you,”



Did Ma and Pa Duggar Blame Anna Duggar for Josh Duggar Cheating on Her?


Lego-haired Jim Bob and Baby Machine Michelle think Anna Duggar caused Josh to commit adultery. Gee, did she cause him to molest his sisters, too?

“Ladies, your husband can get his laundry done by other women, he can have his meal cooked by other women, he can have all kinds of things done for him by other women, but there’s only one woman who can meet that strong need he has that God put in him, and it’s you. Only you, lady.”

Not surprisingly, the pastor who quotes Ma Duggar agrees with her.

“It is one of the greatest sins of women today, is a self-centered narcissistic view of how they are to have control of their bodies. The Bible says your body is not your own, sister. It is your husband’s.”


“Janet Bloomfield” from Judgy Bitch Thinks Women Shouldn’t Have the Right to Vote

Janet Bloomfield (real name Andrea Hardie) from the blog Judgy Bitch, failed Ph.D candidate and spokeswoman for the men’s right movement, thinks women shouldn’t have the right to vote.

“Three reason #WhyWomenShouldNotVote”

Okay, maybe you can vote if you are a white woman.

“Only white women should vote?”


The ever charming Janet “Judgy Bitch” Bloomfield and her split ends.